Leeann Sheely

Design & Direction


The workout marketplace.

Wout – Mobile App

Wout is a pay as you go marketplace for workouts. Uploaded by anyone, and available to everyone.

Founder & Design

Training during COVID was a big eye opener - I couldn’t find an app that did what I was looking for. Something that lets normal people and trainers alike use one platform to workout and to post workouts, communicate with each other, and even make money on their workouts. Think of it as a social marketplace for working out.

With a small team of friends/colleagues, we fully conceptualized, researched, designed, and built the platform (WIP) as an iOS app.

Audience & Mission
Train and be Trained

It’s become exceedingly obvious that in the world of social media apps, UGC works. People thrive on being lifted up by others, and seeing the best, and sometimes worst of the world, with minimal limits in terms of creating content. It introduces a world where anyone can be an influencer, role model, or content creator. One gaping hole in the UGC sphere is a dedicated space for physical health. It’s an opportunity for social media to do good. To make people better, and encourage each other, while challenging ourselves.

Our goal: Create a valuable platform for people to make themselves healthier, physically, and in turn mentally.

The Meat & Potatoes

Wout relies on User Generated Content (UGC) to make up its library of public and private workouts (Wouts). Any user can upload a workout, and add a paywall to it. That means that any user can make money pretty much immediately upon using the app. Creators are consumers, and vice versa. Creators have the ability to make as much money as they want, and are incentivized to do so at an individual level. The better your content and/or personal marketing is, the more money you will make. The users build the app up with content. We do the work up front for making it easy to create, and the rest is organic.